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SMYLO is always on the look out for new and aspiring journalists, we believe in the freedom or the press and the write to publish what your opinions and views uncensored.

SMYLO is a not for profit publication and aims to be a news and opinions website run by the people and for the people, thus meaning we do not get any corporate, private or government sponsorship or funding.

We do use Google Ads to generate ad revenue for the website and plan to implement some automatic revenue sharing plugin in the future. In the mean time, all adsense funds are used by the SMYLO foundation to fund the day to day upkeep of the website. Currently these funds do not meet the costs of running the site, if there comes a point when ad revenue exceeds the upkeep costs, we will then use the funds to pay for more articles and share the revenue with our journalists.

SMYLO is run primarily off the donations and good will of our readership and viewer base, for this reason, we do not pay journalists and ask that all contributions to the publication are given on a voluntary basis.

We allows members to submit and input their cryptocurrency addresses, so that all authors/journalists can receive cryptocurrency donations on their articles / work. Any author who does not submit a cryptocurrency address, will have the SMYLO foundation address’ inserted into their posts so that the SMYLO Foundation may receive donations, which help with the cost of keeping the website online as well as pay for new articles.

To submit an article to SMYLO please ensure the following is true for each article submitted, failure to follow these guidelines may result in your article being declined for publication.


500 Words or More Per Article
Article Must Have a Featured Image
Article Must be in English
Article Must be Proof-Read
Article Must Contain a Good Standard of Spelling & Grammar
Article Must Not Contain Backlinks to Affiliate Websites
Article Must Not Contain Backlinks For Personal Promotion / SEO Purposes

To submit your article, please ensure you have a user account on SMYLO, if you don’t you can register an account by clicking the PERSON icon in our header. Once registered please submit your article using the submission page here.

All articles will be reviewed by an editor and if said article meets all of the requirements above, it will be published and you will receive a thank you email.

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