A woman from the central Texas in the United States, claims to have seen and photographed several UFOs after she suffered multiple strokes.

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Bonnie is a remarkable lady who has an extraordinary tale to tell. Bonnie is from the central Texas area in the United States. While Bonnie had a pretty normal life, it was about to take a phenomenal change when she suffered three strokes and several mini-strokes (TIA’s). It wasn’t long after suffering these strokes that things started to get very strange for Bonnie.

I first started talking to Bonnie, when I came across one of her posts on a FaceBook group that I frequent. Bonnie is an admin on the FaceBook group, UFO & Extraterrestrial Disclosure.

Bonnie made a post about her experiences and how she had suffered a stroke and how since then she has increasingly seen UFOs in the sky.

Ever the sceptic and being rather cynical, I replied to Bonnie and suggested that the objects she was seeing may be neurological related and could possibly have something to do with the multiple strokes she had suffered rather than being extraterrestrial in nature.

I was worried that my comments may have offended Bonnie in some way BUT to my surprise, she wasn’t offended and what was even more shocking was her response.

Bonnie told me that she understood my scepticism and that she thought she was going crazy with all these objects she was seeing, however, she quickly dismissed my idea that this was a neurological issue; as she then provided me with dozens of pictures and videos that she had taken of these objects, proving that they were not a hallucination brought on by the stroke’s damage to the brain.

These are just a select few photographs that Bonnie has been able to capture:

Bonnie told me that she noticed an increase in her ability to see UFOs, around three months after suffering her strokes.

Speaking exclusively to UFO Report Bonnie said:

After my strokes, I became a high vibrational, I was shown that Aliens (I like to call them visitors), at this very second, are here, sending love to all humanity.

I am grateful for them and my experiences, truly. Small problems seem trivial when the universe is teeming with life. 

Thank goodness more people are waking up, all around the world, every day. We are not alone!

Bonnie claims that after her strokes, she has been able to have contact with the ‘visitors’ and has felt she’s received messages from them.

Bonnie’s strokes were caused by a tare in her carotid artery, but to the doctor’s surprise, Bonnie was able to make a remarkable recovery that astonished her doctors.

Bonnie says she, nor her doctors know, to this day, how she managed to recover so quickly.

Bonnie’s story surely is remarkable, for some people it may even be bordering on the unbelievable, but Bonnie will continue taking her photos and videos and trying to prove to the world that what she is seeing, really is the real deal.

One thing is for sure, Bonnie is spreading a message of love, a message that tells the world that we are not alone and that the beings that are out there are not to be feared but embraced; as they are not hostile, and that message can only be a good thing.

If you have your own UFO pictures or have a contact or abduction story to tell and would like to have your case featured on SMYLO; email our team: contact[at]smylo.net

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11 shares, 66 points

Rickeo is a freelance journalist and computer programmer. Rickeo has an avid interest in the paranormal and all things unexplained. Rickeo regularly writes about alternative news issues, technology, cryptocurrency and the unexplained. Find out more about Rickeo and visit: www.rickeo.com

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