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Everybody has heard of UFOs but not many people have heard of USOs or know what USOs are. While there are many movies and references to UFOs in pop culture, USOs tend to be overlooked and forgotten about. 

The 1989 film The Abyss was based on USOs and while it’s a work of total fiction, it’s still a good and fascinating watch; it’s one of the few films about USOs.

ET From The Film – The Abyss (1989) – Based On USO(s)

So what is a USO?

USO stands for Unidentified Submerged Object, just like a UFO it’s anything within the sea that can not be identified. UFOs and USOs are often linked as many people have reported that UFOs have the capability of entering and manoeuvring in and around water.

There are dozens of reports of flying craft entering the water as well as craft that can be seen leaving the sea and jetting off at a high rate of speed into the skies.

Earth is made up of 75% water and it’s no secret that our seas are nowhere near as closely monitored as our lands. This reason alone could mean that a lot of what is going on in our waters is rarely witnessed by the human eye.

You can not help but wonder why alien crafts choose to enter our waters, do they have a need for our water? It is certainly remarkable to think of a craft and beings that can manoeuvre and survive in space, in Earth’s atmosphere and below our waters. 

There are a lot of theories when it comes to USO(s), some people believe that there are huge structures and underwater bases where these ETs go and stay.

Theories and speculation aside for one second, let’s look at some of the best-documented cases of USOs from around the world.


Around 20 miles south of Malta, fishermen were working hard trying to get their ‘big catch of the day’. All of a sudden, the fishermen saw an object out in the distance in the sea, this object frightened and scared the fishermen, they pull their nets out from the sea and fired up the boat as quickly as possible. Their aim was to get far away from this object as possible.

Then, out of nowhere, a bright light appeared, lighting up the area around the craft. The fishermen said they could see beings running across the deck of the object, they said that these beings looked small in size, they said they looked like a 10-year-old boy. The also reported that the beings had some type of apparatus around their wastes.

After a few minutes, the beings re-entered the craft and it submerged into the waters never to be seen again.


The History Channel reported that in 1960 the Argentinian Navy encountered two objects in the New Gulf (Golfo Nuevo) waters, around 650 miles south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, that they could not identify.

At first Navy officials thought that the objects may have been submarines, however, this theory was soon thrown out of the window; when the objects appeared to break into several smaller pieces and fly out of the ocean at a remarkable speed.


The year was 1966 and the USS Tiru SS-416 set off from Pearl Harbour with Seattle in its sight. The submarine was heading to Seattle for the Rose Festival where thousands of tourists and curious individuals would come to admire and tour the sub.

Little did the crew know at the time, that the journey from Pearl Harbour to Seattle would be far from routine. That afternoon, while the submarine was cruising the surface of the waters, the port lookout reported a strange object that was approximately 2 miles in the distance and bearing 315 degrees relative.

Three lookouts, equipped with binoculars, were astonished to see a metallic craft, that they described as being ‘larger than a football field’, drop from the sky into the ocean below them. A few moments later, the lookouts witnessed the craft leave the waters and shoot to the sky again.

Even more astonishing, the lookout would later find out that during the time of their sighting, the object was picked up on radar and even sonar was picking up strange echoes.

The Captain of the submarine ordered everyone present to not discuss what they had witnessed, he then went below deck and sent a radio report of the event. In his report, he said that his crew had seen a metallic craft, which appeared to have mechanical parts, the object appeared to have windows that wrapped around it, it was saucer/disc-shaped and was completely silent.

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Rickeo is a freelance journalist and computer programmer. Rickeo has an avid interest in the paranormal and all things unexplained. Rickeo regularly writes about alternative news issues, technology, cryptocurrency and the unexplained. Find out more about Rickeo and visit: www.rickeo.com

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