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Example of what the craft looked like


A mother and daughter have decided to speak out about a recent UFO sighting in the hope that others come forward who may have witnessed the strange unidentified flying object, that they witnessed hovering over the A19.

The mother and daughter duo claimed that they were ‘mesmerised’ by the craft, which they claimed was triangular in shape and the size of a transit van (if not bigger).

Mother and daughter have asked to remain anonymous out of fear of ridicule, but have spoken about what they witnessed hoping that others may have seen the same thing and come forward to corroborate their story.

The pair claim that they were shocked when they looked into the sky and seen a ‘bright red light’. Here is what the witness statement that the daughter gave to Chronicle Live.

“At first I assumed it was like a crane or something, when we got a bit closer you could see that it was something in the sky so I thought that it was possibly a plane.”

“When we got even closer I noticed it was triangle and the red light was in the middle, after a while the red light turned white.”

“This thing was totally stationary in the sky, not moving at all, and it was huge, around the size of a transit van.”

“We turned around to try and get a closer look but when we drove down this dirt road there was a fence so we couldn’t get through. We sat for a minute or so watching it and out of nowhere it started moving, to me it looked like it was moving down as if landing, but then it just shot off.”

“So my mam reversed out to chase after it, by the time we got back to the main road, literally about 10 seconds later, this thing was miles away in the sky and we could barely even see the light on it anymore.”

Unable to explain what they had just witnessed the duo reached out to ufologist Glen Richardson an expert in the North East of England who has studied and researched ufology over a number of years.

One of the first things to be done was to check with Durham Constabulary whether or not there had been any other UFO reports in the county that evening, however, the police force were able to confirm that they had not had any reports of strange craft on the day in question.

As of now the case remains unsolved and mother and daughter are still none the wiser as to what they witnessed hovering above the A19 that day.

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10 shares, 54 points

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