Jessie Roestenberg is a lady from Staffordshire, the West Midlands in the UK. In the Autumn of October 1954, Jessie would have a close encounter with a UFO that she would never forget.

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A local newspaper article about the Jessie Roestenberg encounter.

Jessie Roestenberg is a lady from Staffordshire, West Midlands UK. In the Autumn of October 1954, Jessie had a close encounter with a UFO that is forever etched in her memory. Jessie’s encounter is nothing short of remarkable.

It was later in the afternoon, and the sun outside had began to set and the sky was getting darker and darker. Jessie was inside her house waiting for her husband to come home from work; her children were outside in the garden.

All of a sudden, Jessie claims she heard a huge sound, which she said was like ‘water being poured on to a fire’, Jessie’s first thought was of her children, so she ran outside to check if her sons were OK.

As soon as Jessie left her house and entered the front garden, she noticed her sons lying on the grass, looking up to the sky, pointing, shouting “Mummy, mummy, look, there’s a flying saucer.”

At first Jessie thought her sons were being ‘silly’, but all over a sudden, she had an overwhelming sensation and urge to look up into the sky. When she did, she noticed a huge, metallic, ‘Mexican hat’ shaped UFO, that was bright silver in color and was hovering at a slight angle above her.

She states that on top of the disc part of the UFO, there was a dome and to her astonishment, she could see two occupants inside this dome. Jessie described these beings as being extremely ‘beautiful’. They were of pale complexion, had golden blonde hair and each were wearing the same pale blue, one-piece suit. She states that while their faces were ‘human looking’ they did seem to have larger foreheads. Jessie also observed that the occupants of the craft had some type of ‘transparent fishbowl-like’ object around their heads.

Jessie was astonished by what she was witnessing, she states that the beings inside the craft were ‘so beautiful’ so much so that she will never forget their faces. She also states that the occupants looked ‘sympathetic’ as she stood in total awe looking at them.

The incident seemed to last forever but Jessie admits that it was likely ‘seconds’, she had gotten so wrapped up in what she was witnessing, she forgot that her sons were there with her, she was totally absorbed in what she was seeing. Jessie says that the object was so large that it blocked the skyline in front of her.

While all this was happening, Jessie states that she was afraid and fearful. After the incident, Jessie thought that she may have had a hallucination, but was able to rule this out when she realised that her sons had witnessed the same thing.

Upon reflection, Jessie now considers herself extremely lucky and privileged to have witnessed this UFO and occupants inside the craft. She now thinks that there is nothing to fear or be afraid or fearful of.

She knows that people will think her tale sounds ‘absolutely ridiculous but she swears that every single word of her testimony is the truth. What other people choose to believe is entirely up to them.

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9 shares, 44 points

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