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The Ruwa, Zimbabwe (South Africa), UFO incident is one of the most well known cases around the world. On September 16th 1994 at the Ariel School in rural Zimbabwe, over sixty, primary school aged children, reportedly witnessed a disc-shaped craft flying and then landing behind their school during morning break time. Some of these children also claim to have encountered two alien like beings that approached the group.

The case drew international news headlines from around the world. To this day the case is talked about amongst ufologists and is fiercely debated by sceptics. The case still draws fascination by many, a documentary titled Ariel Phenomena is scheduled to be released later this year, outlining the happenings that day and tracking down some of the children (who are now adults), to see what they can remember of the encounter that day and how it has affected them in their day to day lives.

One of the witnesses that day, Emily Trim, spoke about her experience that day and encounters she claims she’s had since, at the Alien Cosmic Expo (2015). Emily starts by talking about her upbringing and how her and her brother attended the Ariel School, she states that she is the daughter of missionaries who were a part of The Salvation Army and that’s how she ended up South Africa.

Emily then goes on to talk about the encounter that day, she states that she was playing a game with her friend, Lisa:

There was a boundary line along the school, me and my friend used to play this game where we’d hop from one side of the boundary to another, this is the game I was playing that day.

As she was playing this game, she suddenly heard a high pitched frequency sound, suddenly there was a bright flash and that’s when she looked up and seen the craft.

Emily then states that all of a sudden she noticed two beings that were hopping beside her and her friend Lisa. She claims that the beings looked ‘curious’, she says that as she looked at the ground she noticed the beings weren’t touching the ground, they were hovering above it slightly. She says that the beings were almost mimicking their actions.

During this, Emily says that her and her friend Lisa were frozen in place, the beings were just an arms length away from them both but they were just stood there frozen in place. During all of this, Emily says that she was receiving telepathic communication from the beings, she says that while it’s very hard to describe to others, it was like image after image was being shown before her eyes.

Emily states that these images all seemed to revolve around technology and that the communication she received seemed to be about how humans were using technology and could use it better. Another girl who was there that day claims to have received telepathic communication about the environment and how humans are destroying it and how we need to live and treat the Earth better.

At one point, a member of the audience asks Emily a question, he asks:

Have you ever had any other experiences with the same being?

Emily replies to the question by stating that while she can’t be sure if it’s the same being or beings she witnessed that day, she has had several experiences since.

Another member of the audience then asks if she can explain what the beings that she has encountered look like.

Emily finds this question difficult to answer, she is taken aback, almost as if she knows what she is about to say may be difficult for her audience to grasp or comprehend.

Emily then tells the audience that the beings can alter perception or their appearance so that the person who is encountering them feels more comfortable with what they are seeing. She tells of how during one event with typical ‘greys’, as she was looking at their face it was shifting between that of a typical greys head to the head of a lion.

Emily’s take away from the whole experience was one of amazement. She claims that she’s constantly surprised that people ask her about the way the beings looked or the way the craft looked, she understands that this is just human nature to what to make sense of the unknown but she wants to stress that what the beings looked like and what the craft looked like, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t as important as what the beings had to say, their message.

Emily and other children that day, received telepathic communication from these beings, warning about mankind’s actions and treatment of the Earth, our use and misuse of technology. These are the things that Emily believes are important, this is what she believes we should be focusing our time and attention on as this is clearly what these beings felt the need to communicate to us, the fate of mankind revolves heavily around these issues.

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I think the biggest issue for me here, is the fact that she claims that the beings can present themselves in a form more comfortable to the experiencer, so that the experiencer isn’t as scared; but then why would it present itself with a lions head? Surely that would just induce fear in someone?!…

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