Nicole Steedman a lady from Perth, Western Australia, managed to capture a UFO on camera after having an overwhelming feeling to go outside and look at the night sky,

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Nicky Steedman is a lady from Perth in Australia. Over the past month, Nicky has been having a strange dream of three black UFOs. and to her surprise, she managed to capture a UFO on camera that was very similar to the one she had seen in her dreams.

Nicole Steedman or Nicky Steedman as she is known to her friends and family is an ordinary young Mum, her life has been pretty ordinary until she had an extraordinary dream.

The dream Nicky had was as recent as a few weeks ago, in her dream, she was in the kitchen with her young son Tommy, all of a sudden, she saw three black UFOs, they were hovering through some trees, one of them, a huge disc-shaped UFO flew past her kitchen window. The UFO was spinning rapidly, the disc-shaped UFO then flipped and showed it’s underside which was a bright golden colour.

In her dream, her son Tommy was moving around and making a lot of noise, she became frightened that the UFO craft may see her and her son, so she grabbed Tommy and ducked down and told him to be quite so that we don’t gain their attention.

She can’t fully explain the dream but attempting to do so she said:

“I felt like one of these UFOs were looking at me through a ‘spy tube’ type thing, as they were looking at me, I saw an orange, reptile-like eye.”

Suddenly, the UFO flew away back towards the tree and that was the end of the dream, Nicky woke up, shaken and confused, she couldn’t believe how vivid her dream was.

Nicky, trying to make sense of the vivid dream, decided to write down what she remembered about her dream.

Here are some of her drawings:

What Nicky did not expect, was for all of this to lead to her very own UFO sighting, one that wasn’t set in her dream world but firmly in reality.

Nicky was sat at home on 20th August 2018, it was late into the evening, all of a sudden, she had an overwhelming feeling to go outside and look at the night sky.

With her phone in hand, she made her way outside and started to film the sky. She doesn’t know what urged her to do this, she just had an overwhelming feeling that she should just go out, look up and record.

To her amazement, what she witnessed, shocked her to her very core. At around 11:43 p.m. as she was recording, she noticed a bright object in the sky. It was illuminating this brilliant white light.

The video she captured can be viewed at the top of this article, many will be fascinated to notice that the object that she filmed, resembles the same shape of the UFOs she had seen in her dream.

Screenshot of the object Nicky Steedman filmed over her house

Nicky wanted to make it clear and point out that she does live very close by to an airport, this was filmed over a known flight-path.

Looking at the object that she filmed and zooming in to look at the finer details, it does not look like any conventional type of plane or man-made aircraft.

The light this thing was emitting was amazing, a bright white light that was like no other she had seen before.

Since having this dream and witnessing this UFO, Nicky has not been able to stop thinking about UFOs, it has become somewhat of an obsession, as hard as she may try, she can not stop thinking about UFOs.

She also noted that she has been seeing the number 11 over and over again and doesn’t know why she doesn’t know if this ties into the dream she had or the sighting of the UFO but thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

Nicole wanted to go on the record, she wanted people to know about her experience. While she hasn’t managed to make a great deal of sense about the whole situation, she feels it’s important to tell and share her story with others.

She hopes that this will encourage others to come forward and share their experiences and stories.

While she may have her own personal suspicions about all of this, she makes no claim as to what these UFOs actually are, her dreams may be just dreams, the sighting may be something explainable, but she feels that the dream and then the sighting, being so close together, can not just be one big coincidence.

If you have your own UFO pictures or have a contact or abduction story to tell and would like to have your case featured on SMYLO; email our team: contact[at]

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