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This event was first published in UFO REALITY MAGAZINE in the 90s, the event was said to have taken place in the Winter months sometime in either 1989 or 1990.

The event weighs heavily on the testimony of one of the experiences and platoon members called Mark.

Dunch Hill Plantation separates the Bulford Ranges from a top-secret Ministry of Defence compound on Salisbury Plain. A small platoon, made up of six soldiers, was hiking from Beach’s Barn to Dunch Hill Plantation when they witnessed something that would forever change the course of their lives.

The soldiers had been sent out on a mission to walk in a straight line from Beach’s Barn to Dunch Hill Plantation. The path was straight forward, so much so that the platoon had little need for a compass. The soldiers all felt that the exercise was pointless, but their commanders said that the exercise was for a nearby reconnaissance unit to test new night vision equipment.

It was around 2 o’clock in the morning when the platoon set out on their night time manoeuvre. The soldiers in the platoon felt like the task was pointless, the army already had night vision equipment that could make people out very clearly in the black of night, regardless they set of on their walk. They walked around 4 or 5 kilometres across the plan to Dunch Hill.

Suddenly, when the platoon was around 400 meters from their destination, a ‘craft’ appeared above the tree tops. Mark, one of the soldiers in the platoon, described the craft as being ‘massive’ and black in colour. Mark claimed that all the soldiers witnessed the craft but none of them said anything, they all were frozen, eyes fixated on the craft in the sky.

Mark then claims that the craft then beamed down a light onto the trees below, the soldiers stated that they could see movement in the copse and thought they could make out movement and lights coming from the copies. The craft was beaming down an intense light onto the copes, it was around 3am at this point and the night sky was so dark, it was difficult to make out the outline of the craft as it was silhouetted again the night sky.

Mark said he was taken aback by how large the craft was, he claimed that it was the size of a Hercules 130, possibly even larger, maybe the size of a football pitch.

The triangular craft was said to be the size of a Hercules 130 or larger.

Unexpectedly, the craft took off at a huge speed, just as it made no noise as it hovered in the sky, when it took off at great speed there was very little noise. The craft took off in an Easterly direction towards the town of Tidworth.

The next thing the platoon remembers is all six of them were 600 meters away from where they were supposed to be. They all huddled together, bent over a map, trying to figure out where they were and how they ended up there.

Mark claims that neither himself or any of the other platoon members could recall how they ended up where they were and how they had managed to stray so far off course when all they needed to do was walk in a straight line to their destination.

The whole event left Mark and the platoon shaken, when questioned by a journalist on whether or not it was possible that himself and his platoon members could have hallucinated the incident, Mark stated:

“I really wish that were the case, I have hallucinated in the past after being forced to stay awake for 40 hours during army training exercises, this definitely wasn’t a hallucination.”

It’s also important to point out that it would be unlikely the whole platoon would share the same or even a similar hallucination, the whole platoon experienced and had seen the same thing. As far as Mark was concerned, whatever happened that night had been a real event.

Mark says the whole event ended when an army Land Rover came to pick the rest of the platoon up and took them back to the barracks. Once they had returned there was no formal debriefing of the event and nobody was eager to talk about what they had all just experienced.

Mark claims that the event was difficult to remember, he remembers very clearly setting out on the night manoeuvre but claims that during this night time manoeuvre, himself and other members of the platoon experienced ‘lost time’.

The whole of this event is weighed heavily on the testimony of Mark; the issue with Mark’s testimony is that he couldn’t remember specific details of the event such as the exact date and time. Due to ‘lost time’ and loss of memory, he struggled to recall many of the finer details about the whole event.

Mark decided to undergo hypnotic regression with Robert La Mont (MICH). Robert was well known for helping abductees recall memories of their encounters through hypnosis. Robert always tries to help experiencers by putting them in a relaxed state and asking them questions that will help unlock lost memories. Robert is always careful not to ask leading questions or be suggestive in anyway.

Here is the transcript of the hypnosis session that Robert carried out with Mark.


Robert: “So where are you now?” 

Mark: “I can see the woods… all dark and thick… lights… in the copse… people milling around in the copse.”

Robert then told Mark to continue on towards the copse as he had done six years previously.

Robert: “Could the lights you’re seeing be a helicopter?”

Mark: “No.”

Robert: “Is it an aeroplane, then?”

Mark: “No.  The lights are in the woods.”

Robert: “How high off the ground are the lights?”

Mark: “They’re in the woods… they’re in the woods.”

Robert: “And do you go to investigate the lights?”

Mark: “No.”

Robert: “You’re not bothered about the lights?”

Mark: “No.”

Robert: “OK. Walk on a little bit further.”

At this point, Robert told Mark to ‘freeze-frame’ and ‘zoom in’ on the lights  Mark had been told that he was watching a replay of the event on an imaginary screen in his mind, and that he had a ‘remote control’ in his hand, with ‘pause’, ‘rewind’ and ‘zoom’ facilities etc.

Robert: “What can you see now?” 

Mark: “Don’t know… don’t know what it is …big thing.”

Robert: “Big thing?”

Mark: “Yeah.”

Robert: “Can you describe the big thing for me?”

Mark: “Just dark.”

Robert: “In the woods?”

Mark: “Above the woods… the woods are illuminated.”

Robert: “The whole of the woods?”

Mark: “The copse, yeah.”

At this point Mark started to show signs of distress.

Robert: “OK, Mark, You’re back on the path. Describe to me what you can see”

Mark: “The light’s shining on us… I’m cold …”

Robert: “What can you see. Mark? Where is the light that’s shining on you coming from?”

Mark: “From above.”

Robert: “Above? So, you’re looking up now?”

Mark: “Yeah… it’s shining in my eyes…”

Robert: “And then what happens?”

Mark: “I… I can’t see…”

Again, Mark became visibly distressed; Robert spent the next short while reassuring him.

A few moments later:

Robert: “Tell me what you can see now. Mark.”

Mark: “A yank…”

Robert: “An American?”

Mark: “Mmm…”

Robert: “Where did the American come from?

Mark: ”Out of the woods”

This time Mark’s distress became very apparent indeed; Robert again took a short timeout to reassure him everything was OK, that what he was seeing was only a ‘replay’ of something that had happened a long time ago, and that as such, it could not harm him. Eventually Mark settled down again.

Robert: “OK, Mark. The American’s come out of the woods now.”

Mark: “He’s poking at us.”

Robert: “What are they poking at you?”

Mark: “A stick thing…”

Mark’s voice was still trembling; he sounded very afraid, and once again, for a few moments he was too distressed to continue. Once again Robert spent a few moments calming him down.

Robert: “OK. Can you describe what this American’s wearing?”

Mark: “A black zip-up thing… like a flying suit.”

Robert: “How do you know it’s an American?”

Mark: “His accent…. he’s swearing and stuff….”

Robert: “What is he actually saying?”

Mark: “F*****g British!”

Robert: “And what are the rest of the guys saying?”

Mark: “Nothing. We’re all backing away.”

Robert: “How many Americans are there?”

Mark: “One.”

Robert: “Just one?”

Mark: “Yeah.”

Robert: “So you’ve got six guys backing away from just one guy?”

Mark: “Yeah.”

Robert: “Don’t you find this strange?”

Mark: “He’s pointing at me.”

Robert: “He’s just pointing at you?”

Mark: “Yeah.”

Robert: “Describe the stick to me. Mark.”

Mark: “It’s a… pointer… like an aerial…”

Robert: “And what’s he doing with it?”

Mark: “He’s just pointing at me… and pushing me and prodding me in the chest.”

Robert now told Mark to use his imaginary remote control, and to move through this sequence ‘frame by frame’.

Robert: “What’s the American doing in this frame?”

Mark: “He’s just stood there… but there are lights on us.”

Robert: “He’s on his own, you’re stood in a group, and there are lights on you.  Is that right?”

Mark: “Yeah. We’re huddled together.”

Next frame:

Mark: “It’s like a beam… encircling us…”

Robert: “And where’s the American?”

Mark: “He’s outside of the beam.”

Next frame:

Mark: “We’re all getting moved by the beam… we’re moving with the beam.”

Robert: “Where to?”

Mark: “To the right.”

Next frame:

Mark: “We’re right by the edge of the wood… by the edge of the copse.”

Robert: “And where’s the American now?”

Mark: “He’s not there anymore.”

Robert: “OK. Are you actually walking? Can you feel yourself walking as you move?”

Mark: “Yeah… shuffling…” 

Next frame:

Mark: “We’re all being moved by the beam.”

Robert: “And then what happens?”

Mark: “We’re all just stood there… with the light on us.”

Robert: “And the object is still there?”

Mark: “Above us, yeah.”

Next frame:

Mark: “We’re just underneath it.”

Robert: “Can you make anything out as you look up?”

Mark: “It’s a triangle… black metal… it’s not smooth or anything… it’s like… wedgy… sort of wedged.”

Robert: “Whereabouts is the light in which you’re standing emanating from?”

Mark: “From the middle” (of the craft’s underbelly)

Robert: “Any other details?”

Mark: “Black… it’s just dark… at the bottom end it’s like an aircraft light…”

Robert: “Any other details?”

Mark: “We’re just covered in this light. It’s like pulses of light… directed at us… I feel sick, dizzy…”  

Next frame:

Mark: “…I’m surrounded in light… pulsating light… and there’s a noise… almost like a generator… like a humming, pulsating, continuous…”

Again, Mark became very distressed.

Mark went on to recall how the craft had finally departed, slowly at first, and then at incredible speed, but with no apparent acceleration. He was then able to recall how the six soldiers had wandered off in the wrong direction, stunned, dazed, explaining how they had finally ended up 600 metres from where they were supposed to be.  They had walked, although none of them had remembered doing so. The hypnotherapy session then ends.

Robert La Mont concluded giving his professional opinion:

“My professional opinion on this case is that the subject did in fact have an encounter, along with his colleagues. This conclusion is based on the visual reactions to the regression session, and the following observations.

1: The traumatic reaction to the situation.

2: The apparent lack of communication between ‘command’ and the soldiers.

3: Identification of the ‘ground crew’ of the Triangle [American] – because no one was seen entering or leaving the craft, I cannot call them ‘occupants’.

4: The now familiar geographical location of this type of craft, close to military activity.

5: The amnesia induced in all the victims, almost instantly.

6: The identification of the small insignia on the left upper chest area of the suit worn by the ‘ground crew’.  (Although edited out of this article, Mark did indeed describe a ‘small insignia on the left upper chest area of the suit worn by the American’, whoever he was.)

7: The apparent ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ scenario, in that there seems to be no other witnesses to this event, yet the proximity to other people in the area should have produced some corroboration, even among the individual witnesses.

I could pick out further findings, but I feel the point has been made.” 

Whether or not you believe Mark’s story is up to you. Many people are skeptical about hypnotherapy and this case all weighs on the testimony of a single person.

If Mark’s story is to be believed though, it would suggest that the abductions reported around the world, may not be the doing of extraterrestrials alone. After all, what extraterrestrials talks with an American accent?

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