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This photo could possibly be the only photo of a UFO that is confirmed as authentic by the British secret service, the only problem… it’s a recreation of the original.

Nick Pope is an interesting man with many stories to tell. There is an air of mystery that surrounds Nick Pope and much of that comes from the fact that he was the man who headed up the British Ministry of Defence’s top-secret project on UFO’s.

There is a lot that Nick still can not talk about but due to a lot of his work still being classified, however, the British government recently declassifying some of their historic records on their UFO project, which allows Nick to talk about certain matters and incidents while working on the governments UFO project.

Nick worked on the UFO project from 1991 to 1994. Originally, he was quite unhappy and dis-satisfied about his role, he thought the whole UFO subject was ridiculous and attracted a certain type of person that may not be playing with a full deck of cards.

However, Nick quickly learnt that there were a fair few cases that were both credible and extraordinary. One of his cases in particular, lead him to this conclusion and it had everything to do with a photo that had been made into a poster and hung above his desk.

“I first came across this story in 1991, when I joined the UFO project,” writes Pope on his website. “A poster-sized enlargement of the best photo was prominently displayed on the office wall.”

“The X-Files first aired in the UK in 1994 and I acquired the same nickname (Spooky) as Fox Mulder, for obvious reasons,” Nick continues. “Mulder famously had his ‘I want to believe’ UFO poster on his office wall and though uncaptioned, I suppose this was my equivalent.”

The photo was of a clear diamond shaped craft in the sky, with a jet in the background. When Nick enquired about the photo, he was told by senior staff members that the photo had been determined to be authentic and genuine. This is to say that they had established the photo had not been doctored, manipulated or faked in any way that they could tell. This lead to officials in the ministry of defence claiming that the photo was genuine, though outside of the office if the topic ever arose, they were instructed to inform people that ‘no definite conclusion had been reached about the photo or the diamond shaped craft within it’.

The photograph had been taken on August 4th 1990 by two people who were walking near the town of Calvine in Scotland. When they spotted the object, they stopped in disbelief as they took out their cameras to photograph the craft. The walkers described the object as being over 80 feet in diameter and having no sound.

They described the object as metallic looking, they said it stayed stationary, hovering silently in the air for several minutes when all of a sudden it took of vertically at ‘a massive speed’.

During this sighting, the two walkers stated that a military jet shot by but they were unsure as to whether or not the jet was chasing the UFO or even aware of the diamond shaped craft.

The witnesses sent all of their documented evidence and photos to the Scottish Daily Record, a fairly popular Scottish newspaper, the paper then contacted the Ministry of Defence, who somehow convinced the paper to hand over the photos of the incident along with the negatives.

”The photos were then sent to the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) who then sent them on to imagery analysts at JARIC (Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre). Yet at the time, MoD hadn’t even publicly acknowledged that there was any intelligence interest in UFOs at all,” Pope explains.

“We implied and sometimes stated that we didn’t ‘investigate’ UFOs, but merely ‘examined sightings to see if anything reported was of any defence interest’ – as if the two were somehow different!”

Nick states that the Ministry of Defence took an avid interest in UFO cases, though they were less interested in where these crafts came from and more interested in what they could gain and learn from these crafts and their technology.

Anyhow, the Calvine photos interested the Ministry of Defence and their UFO Project officers that much that they had them made into a poster that was hung on the wall and took pride of place in the UFO project’s office.

Pope recalls some memories of when colleagues, who were unaware of the UFO programme, came to visit his office and their reactions to the poster.

Pope writes, “You’d have this surreal moment when they’d stop mid-sentence, stare at it, point and say ‘what the hell’s that?’ – this wasn’t the archetypal distant, blurred UFO photo. This was up close and personal, reach out and you can touch it stuff. ‘I don’t know what it is, but it’s not one of ours’ was our stock answer to the inevitable question.”

Nick goes on to tell us that eventually the consensus of the office and his superiors eventually moved from it being an E.T. craft to some type of top-secret American aircraft or drone. Nick states that his superiors had asked the Americans whether or not they were testing any secret aircraft in UK airspace that they weren’t aware of but the Americans firmly denied this.

With this change of heart, the poster was removed from the office and it was never seen again.

The photo above is a recreation put together by an artist who worked off Nick’s description and is thought to be as close to the real thing as possible.

Who knows? This could be the closest thing to a real UFO that we will see, whether or not the aircraft was extra-terrestrial or a top-secret American aircraft is down to each person’s individual judgement and opinion but, one thing is for certain, this case leaves many questions unanswered.

Why was the poster taken down? Where are the negatives and original photos? What was the craft seen by two walkers in Scotland that day, why was a military jet seen at the time and what was that military jet doing?

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does this recreated ufo work like the actual one

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