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Prince Philip

Coronavirus has been the word on everyone’s lips these past few weeks. The global pandemic has been a trending feature and viral phrase on just about every social media platform and for very good reason. Covid19 is pushing society to its breaking point and becoming a global issue that has brought world governments and the economy to its knees.

One trending phrase that stood out from the crowd today was ‘Prince Philip’ which was trending across the UK on Twitter and claiming that the Prince had died. Twitter has killed off the Duke of Edinburgh many times before. This rumours seems to have convinced many people, especially considering the fact that Prince Philip has said to have been in poor health for quite some time recently. With the coronavirus spreading like wildfire, many people had feared that the Queen’s husband had actually passed away and feared that with the rapid spread of Covid19, that the Prince’s poor health may have finally reached a tipping point.

Prince Philip has come under extensive criticism during the spread of this virus as he’s gone on record saying that if he died and were to be reincarnated, he’d like to come back as a virus to reduce the world’s population. With the currently outbreak of Covid19, this is a quote that will, without a doubt, come back to haunt the Duke.

Prince Philip Virus Quote

The rumours of the Prince’s death seem to have originated from a private WhatsApp group and have since spread far and wide and gained some traction. The anonymous WhatsApp user, has claimed that there is a media blackout on the Prince’s death and won’t be reported on for the next couple of day.

How reliable is this information?

Pretty unreliable actually, while it’s possible that the Royal’s and more specifically, The Queen, may be keeping the Duke’s passing quite right now given the current political turmoil; this would still be very likely and unusual.

According to the royal news reporting website and blog called: Royal Central, the Duke is actually alive, well and enjoying his retirement at Wood Farm which is located in the Sandringham Estate.

What will happen when Prince Philip does pass away?

When Prince Philip does pass away, nothing will happen or be announced until it has received Royal Command. This means that if the Duke had passed away, no announcement would be made until the Queen had approved it.

There are clear plans laid out in the event of any royal death. The Royal Household as well as the government and the national press, have planned extensively for what will happen in the event of the Queen dying (Operation London Bridge) or the Queen’s husband dying (Operation Forth Bridge).

It is likely that in the event Prince Philip is severely ill and at the end stage of his life, an announcement will be made to the public, however, this is still down to the Queen who has the final say in any announcements to be given and no doubt she will also be closely considering the wishes of her husband.

If the Prince passes suddenly then no prior warning or announcement will be given. The Queen will give the word to her team, The Head of The Queens Household (currently The Earl Peel), who will then inform the current Prime Minister and government.

A press release will then be issued; the press release was formally issued to the BBC first but this will likely now be given to The Associated Press who will then release the news to the wider public. It has been suggested that this press release would be given several hours after the Duke’s death to ensure that no announcement is released or leaked before 8am that morning.

Once the announcement has been given, the press will likely release pre-recorded statements and or news footage of the Prince. The country will then enter into a period of national mourning, where all members of parliament will wear black armbands and or ties, flags will be lowered to half massed and cities, towns and villages will be asked to give ‘careful thought’ as to whether they should carry out any official business.

The national mourning period will last until the funeral takes place. The rest of the royals will wear black to mourn the passing of the prince and the Queen will not conduct any affairs of state and will not give the Royal approval for any news laws or legislation until the mourning period is over.

While the Queen is expected to resume duties after her husband’s funeral, there are no guarantees of this and indeed, past Royals have taken extended periods of absence to grieve the loss of their loved ones.

While the Prince is entitled to a full state funeral at Westminster Hall and burial at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, it is believed that Prince Philip has elected to have a private military funeral at St. George’s Chapel and then to be buried at Frogmore Gardens instead.

So, while it’s very unlikely that anything untoward has happened to the Prince, it’s still important to note that no announcement will be made to the public until the Queen has given her explicit permission to do so. While it’s normally been tradition to give that announcement asap and the Queen is known for respecting traditional practices, it is still well within her right and within the realm of possibility that she may delay this announcement; especially if she believed that’s what her husband would have wanted.

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