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A former solider posted on the UFO Subreddit and gave his personal account of when he came across a UFO during a military convoy in Ghazni Afghanistan in 2012.

Reddit user DirtySteve426 posted on the UFOs Subreddit, giving his full detailed account of a UFO he seen during a night time military convoy in Afghanistan.

DirtySteve426 told the following story:

Usually when I tell this story, the response that I sometimes get is “Its Afghanistan. The government is most likely working on something classified.” I guarantee there is nothing that our government has that can do the things that I seen this object do.

It was a clear and moonless night. My company, including myself, were traveling from FOB Andar located withing Andar District, Ghazni province, Afghanistan. Our destination was COP Moqor, also located in Ghazni province. It was about 110 km. Drive, which would have took us about two hours to drive, unfortunately the Taliban being crafty and smart, would hide IEDs in old craters waiting for the off chance that a military convoy would drive by, so the two hour drive turned into six hours because we would stop at every single crater and a small team of soldiers would dismount and clear the craters of any ordinance. Since it was a night time operation, we drove with our headlights off. Our vehicles were equipped with infrared headlights which makes the outside bright when using our night vision goggles.

I was the truck commander of one of the vehicles, so my job was to sit in the passenger seat and help my gunner scan the distant landscapes looking for any suspicious activity while simultaneously monitoring the company radio. About an hour into the drive, as I scanned the horizon, I notice in the distance, towards the Shinkay mountains (I believe that was the nickname of the mountain range the Military gave), this strange light. It was very bright and acting erratic. This light would be in one spot one second and in a blink of an eye would be about a half mile away in a new location. Keep in mind this object was very far away, that mountain region where it was above was still at least 20 miles away, so I could be wrong, but the distance it traveled was far.

I thought to myself that it was someone’s weapon mounted laser interfering with my night vision, so I lifted them up away from my eyes and to my amazement the light was still there. It was still in it’s new spot, just as still anything I’d ever seen. It did not make any movements, but then it traveled back to its original position in about three seconds. It covered a large distance fast and stopped sudden, as if it was moving really slow and stopping. I cannot stress how easily it stopped for going at such a fast speed.

I was still skeptical, I believe some light source somewhere was reflecting off of my windshield, so during the next crater when I dismounted the vehicle, I made sure to look in that direction, and to my fucking amazement the object was still there doing its same routine. The object no moved in a new spot, a spot it did not occupy previously, but only stayed for a few seconds, afterwards it zipped back to its original spot.

After clearing the craters and returning to my vehicle, I asked my gunner, this was when the military stopped putting people in a gunner seat in the hatch above and transitioned to automatic gunners. Basically my gunner sat in the vehicle behind me looking at a computer screen with his right hand controlling the gun with a joystick. The camera we had can zoom in better than any binoculars, so I asked him to zoom in on the object, of course it was too far for him to make out what it was, but the object started to trip him out also.

Him and I came to the conclusion that it was no plane or an Helicopter. First off, rule one in Afghanistan is that during night time, no military vehicles, including air based vehicles can never use visible light, this is to prevent the enemy from having an easy target to shoot at. Also, no plane or Helicopter can travel as fast as this object did, while covering that much distance and then stopping instantly. Then after stopping no known aircraft can hover so still, even a Helicopter still has a little movement while hovering.

As the drive grew long, I grew tired and I eventually lost interest in the object. I would occasionally check to see if it was still there, and at some point into our long drive, the object disappeared.

Years later when I thought back to that night, I suddenly remembered that this object acted in a similar pattern as another object I saw when I was about 7 years old. When I was 7, I was living with my grandparents in Miami, FL. My uncle was also living with us, he was a teenager then, came inside one night shortly before bedtime and told us all about this strange light outside. We all went outside and it was a single light, acting the same as the one I saw in Afghanistan. I remember my uncle wanted binoculars from his friend that lived 4 houses down the street and I walked with him, we got about two houses away when my uncle suddenly turned around and took off running. I didnt see why he was running, but I just started to run with him, when we got back home he said a light appeared above us and he got scared.

I’m a natural skeptic, but there is no doubt in my that those two incidents were UFOs.

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