A British cleaner spotted several 'orb' lights, over Gosport, that appeared to be in a triangular formation and making other worldly manoeuvres in the night sky.

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The date was January 9th 2017 and it was a cold winter night in Gosport, Hampshire (UK). The witness in this instance was a cleaner who was working a late shift, as they went outside to dump rubbish bags in the larger bin outside, they were astonished to witness unusual lights in the night sky.

It was around 10:50 pm in the evening, little did this cleaner know that he was about to witness a life changing event that would have a huge impact on his life.

As he made his way outside of his workplace to put the rubbish bags in the bin, he looked into the night sky to see three green lights, that he knew straight away were not from any conventional aircraft.

“I noticed three green lights at around a 30-degree angle northwest of my position, distance and height were too difficult to estimate from my position, but after checking on Google maps, there are mostly only fields in that direction. The postcode I observed from was PO13 0HR.”

Going on to describe the lights in the sky, the witness said:

“The lights were evenly spaced in a large triangle formation with one more forward than the others when I first noticed them. They then all turned purple and started to move. You can observe in the video how they moved. I had full zoom using a phone camera, so quality isn’t great, but they were all bright purple in colour and didn’t change again. They seemed to move in a random manner, moving side-to-side and up and down very quickly and turning very sharply. They would pass each other to swap sides, sometimes coming back to form triangles for a few seconds before moving again. Several times it looked as though one moved into another and became one light before breaking apart again.”

After some time, the witness lost sight of the objects, he went on to say:

“They disappeared below the houses several times so that I couldn’t see from my position what they were doing until the final time when I waited several minutes before giving up that they wouldn’t appear again. So, whatever it was possibly landed because they didn’t appear above the houses again.”

The witness then decided he’d try and go back into his workplace and headed for the second floor; to see if he could get a better view of the objects or see where they had disappeared to. While he got a quick glimpse of the object, it quickly vanished again behind the buildings.

“That was the last I saw of them. They never went higher than the initial height I observed them at. There were no other aircraft I noticed in the area, although there is a small airfield behind my position. The weather was dry (although rain earlier in the day), the sky seemed clear, stars were visible overhead, but none visible at the angle/height of these lights, presumably because of light pollution. When I left where I was 30 minutes later, the sky around the area where the lights were, was a hazy red colour. The rest of the sky in the surrounding area was black, but this area specifically was a different colour. I thought this might be some kind of heavy light pollution in that direction, but according to Google maps there are mostly just fields there, nothing that would give off unusual light pollution.”

Jack Turnbull, a British field investigator for MUFON, was assigned to investigate this case. The case was submitted to MUFON on 10th January 2017 under case number 81450.

Jack said that he initially thought the objects were drones. He said that when he looked at the video carefully he thought he could clearly see propellers rotating, this lead him to double down on his suspicions that the objects may have been drones.

After reviewing the case in more detail, Jack came to the conclusion that the objects appeared to be rather large, the witness described the objects as being the size of helicopters; due to the size of the object, this caused doubt and it became difficult for Mr Turnbull to say for sure whether or not the lights in the sky were drones. If the lights were indeed the size of helicopters or larger, it would make it very doubtful that the objects seen were drones.

After checking air traffic and ruling out any natural phenomena, Mr Turnbull decided to close the case as an ‘Unknown Aerial Vehicle’.

This case remains one of the top rated cases to be submitted to MUFON in 2017. Whether or not this was a drone or something more is for you to decide, the one thing that can be said for certain is that on 9th January, above Gosport, Hampshire, there were lights in the sky that put on a pretty good show for anyone that was watching!

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Rickeo is a freelance journalist and computer programmer. Rickeo has an avid interest in the paranormal and all things unexplained. Rickeo regularly writes about alternative news issues, technology, cryptocurrency and the unexplained. Find out more about Rickeo and visit:

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